Laundry spaces are sometimes an afterthought when you’re designing or building a home. But to consumers, these spaces are seen as a key must-have. For example, home buyers of all ages say one of their home design priorities is to have separate laundry rooms, according to Better Homes & Gardens' (BH&G) annual survey of its readership in 2016.

Builders need to make sure the appliances in that space reflect the needs of today’s home buyers. Here are three of the top laundry appliance trends in the current housing market:

Intuitive Technology

Many consumers are looking for laundry appliances that make their lives easier.

In a recent survey conducted by Braun Research on behalf of Whirlpool Corp., 83% of consumers said they are constantly looking for ways to spend more quality time with family. Doing chores each day cuts into that time, according to almost half of homeowners (48%).

The challenge for appliance manufacturers is to innovate products with purposeful technology that adjusts to common behaviors, activating shortcuts and solutions so people can get back to the things that matter most.

Whirlpool Corp. has addressed this technological demand in several ways in various products:

  • A washer/dryer that communicates with the utility company to start your laundry at the most energy- efficient time of day.
  • A washer that allows you to load a week’s worth of laundry at a time (up to 3.7 7-pound baskets).
  • Laundry appliances that partner with smart thermostats’ auto-away modes, allowing the washer and dryer to make better choices for fabric care and energy efficiency. For example, machines keep clothes fresh if your laundry cycle ends while you're away and save energy with longer, more efficient dryer cycles.

Energy Efficiency

The consumer desire for energy-efficient home appliances continues to increase. For example, the BH&G survey noted that consumers are making it a priority to have energy-saving appliances in their homes. In the Whirlpool Corp. survey, an overwhelming number of consumers (95%) said they want efficient appliances.

The laundry room is an ideal place to start.

Whirlpool Corp. clothes washers have made improvements in water and energy savings while also increasing capacity. For example, the HybridCare dryer merges both heat pump and ventless technologies to solve key challenges when it comes to dryers―energy usage, gentle care for specialty clothing, and identifying an appropriate space to vent outside. The dryer uses up to 73 percent less energy with Eco Dry setting, recycling energy and helping to conserve precious resources.*

Quiet Operation

New home designs often include a laundry room near a living area. When a laundry set is located close to where people gather, the last thing homeowners want to hear is the constant churn, chug, and tumble of a washer or dryer.

That’s why low-decibel laundry machines are a must-have for many homes.

Whirlpool Corp. has developed a washer/dryer set that features slow-close lids and ultra-noise reduction technology to keep operational noises inside the machine and out of consumers’ living spaces. The result: a laundry pair quiet enough to keep almost anywhere.

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*Compared to pre-2004 traditional dryers, when paired with a matching washer, normal cycle, electric only.