Part of the beauty of robots is that they only act when you tell them to do something. Now, Amazon Echo's Alexa will break the mold and let Alexa speak whenever she wants - sort of.

Amazon will now receive push notifications so it could speak up when someone's flight has landed, when your battery is dying, or when the front door was left open. It's essentially a verbal mobile application that will ring through the house.

The Information suggests Amazon could allow developers access to both for push notifications, so that users can choose how much of an intrusion said notices provide.

Alexa is also a service that exists unbound from the Echo hardware itself, and it’s very possible than any push notification support would extend to other hardware that uses the Alexa API, including the Nucleus smart intercom. The Information says the use of push notices would be part of a larger plan to give developers more control of third-party apps and gadgets overall via Echo and Alexa.

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