Many consumers are running from advertisers by choosing streaming over broadcast television and enacting ad blockers on websites. Now, advertisers are looking for another way into homeowner's everyday lives - through Alexa.

Now when a user asks Alexa for a quick stain-removing solution when the chef in the family drops pasta sauce on her shirt, it's possible Tide, the laundry detergent brand, will be offering up its tips with suggestions for branded products. Other brands like Johnnie Walker and Patron are jumping on board to offer up cocktail recipes.

Users don't seem to be overly excited, with minimal downloads of these "skills." However, the question relies on Amazon, Google, and possibly soon, Apple's need to make money. It's not enough for them to sell the physical device. If a company like Google will no longer be making enough money on ads or shopping suggestions when people search on their devices, it will now need to present those ads in the form of how people are searching - with their voice.

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