Realistically, people don't need robots to turn on their lights or lock their doors or turn down their thermostat. Most consumers want products that actually take some hassle out of life - like mowing a lawn.

Husqvarna has released its new high-end robotic lawnmower, Automower 450x. At $3,500, this model is the biggest and can cover the most ground at up to 1.25 acres. WIRED writer John Brandon deployed it for a test spin.

By installing a simple green wire around the perimeter of the lawn and other obstacles like a garden or shed, the Automower 450x is ready to go. The app controls scheduling, cutting height, and angles of the path.

It took an entire afternoon to install and set up, says Brandon, but after scheduling the Automower to run everyday, cutting a minuscule amount of grass each time, his lawn looked impeccably better. He only had two run-ins, such as when the mower got stuck on a tree root.

The worth of the machine comes down to how homeowners might value their time, suggests Brandon.

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