There are a lot of options on the market promising to make every home the smartest it can possible by, from connected dishwashers to voice-enacted assistants. Every family has different needs, though.

This Old House found five homeowners who are putting technology to use for different reasons, whether it's for security and comfort or managing a growing household.

For example, one family just needed a little exterior security to deter burglars from getting to their cars:

As it happened, soon after the trouble started, the light over Alan's garage quit working and he discovered the Wi-Fi-connected Kuna Smart Home Security Light. Not your average cast-iron outdoor sconce, it features a high-definition video camera, a microphone, a speaker that can unleash a 100-decibel siren, and a motion detector that can trigger the light and/or video recording. All those functions come under the jurisdiction of an app that he can control from a smartphone or a tablet.

Another family needed an app-controlled camera that could monitor the home while the owner traveled.

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