5 Must-See Outdoor Living Products from IBS 2013

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    Lavi Industries’ stainless steel railing systems offer a clean contemporary look and come in prefab assemblies for lightning-fast installation. www.railings.lavi.com.

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    Summit Appliance’s line of outdoor kitchen appliances now includes two- and three-drawer refrigerators and freezers that fit nicely under counters and come in sleek stainless steel. www.summitappliance.com.

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    The Twilight Modern double-sided enclosed fireplace from Heat & Glow allows builders to add an indoor hearth while creating a focal point for an outdoor living space without additional cost. And thanks to a steel combustion chamber that vents the unit, windows can be placed directly above the hearth. www.heatnglo.com.

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    Werever’s outdoor cabinets look so nice you would never guess they’re made from the same high-density polyethylene used on boats, making them waterproof and maintenance-free. www.werever.com.

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    At only about $10.25 per square foot, Eze-Breeze is an affordable option for enclosing porches and patios. The aluminum framed, vinyl-glazed panels are strong, shatter-proof, and flexible while sporting the look of traditional windows. www.PGTEzeBreeze.com.

Outdoor living spaces have crossed the divide from warm-weather specialties to an amenity craved by home buyers in markets around the country. For builders, open-air spaces provide an opportunity to offer more living space at low cost, as well as to create a memory point easily customized to the buyer’s lifestyle. These products from the 2013 International Builders’ Show going on this week in Las Vegas offer ways to keep costs down, shorten build times, and beef up design. So check them out and help your buyers start thinking of the warmer months ahead.

Claire Easley is a senior editor at Builder.