Fast Company's Meg Miller shares five new names to the flat-packed furniture scene, and takes a look at how they're working to improve the model that IKEA pioneered.

These fresh picks have taken the process of purchasing (generally) affordable packaged furniture which you can assemble and dissemble at will and made the investment less disposable by creating sturdier, sleeker, customizable products that are designed to survive multiple moves.

Hem, the furniture spin-off of the late e-commerce site Fab, sits right between mass-market flat-pack furniture and pricey high design. Hem's pieces feature sleek, Scandinavian-influenced design (after being acquired in February, the company is now based in Sweden), and many items can be customized online. Price-wise, it's a far cry from IKEA—sofas top out at about $1,800; coffee tables are around $315—but it's still a steal compared to DWR, where sofas start at around $3,000.

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