What’s in a name? Well, that depends a lot on the name—and who you’re asking.

Brand recognition holds a powerful amount of sway in lots of industries but perhaps especially so in home building. A product company’s reputation—for good or ill—can do a lot to influence potential buyers of a home’s quality. Meanwhile, builders want products they can rely on, and both groups are looking for the best value for their money.

Each year Builder publishes its Brand Use Study to provide an in-depth look at the product brands builders recognize and use most and how they rate the brands’ quality. The study—produced by Readex, an independent research company, and based on a survey of more than 10,000 builders, developers, and general contractors—offers a glimpse of the industry’s view of product brands in 81 categories.

Check out this year’s results, and use the comments section below to weigh in on whether or not you agree with your peers. 

 2011 Brand Study Summary  (PDF)

 2011 Brand Study Results  (PDF)

 2011 Brand Study Index  (PDF)

 2011 Brand Study Appendix  (PDF)


The survey sample of 10,800 was selected from Builder’s domestic qualified “builder,” “builder/developer,” and “general contractor” circulation of 84,931 recipients. The data were collected in the last quarter of 2010. The findings cited are based on 3,486 usable responses (32 percent of the survey sample). The margin of error for respondents’ product-ranking percentages based on the total answers for each product category in the study is +/-1.6 percent.

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