Not long ago, we wrote about 10 luxury items you should consider for the future, presumably, when the market returns. The story was more of a window-shopping piece, as not many home buyers are in the market for an $8,800 tub, a $3,300 faucet, or a $4,900 sink.

In that story, we promised we next would find you some super budget-minded products, and we have kept our word.

After all, what buyers and  even builders are looking for is value right now. No wonder outlet malls, dollar-stores, and discount services such as Groupon, Gilt, and Rue La La are doing so well: They know that consumers want the style of name-brand products, but they don’t want to pay too much for it. “Shopping for bargains has become a social disease,” writes a blog post on the site Get Rich Slowly .


The trick to looking for real value is keeping an open mind. Salvage yards are not out of the question as a possible source. So are websites or stores that you wouldn’t normally think to visit. These places all offer a wealth of affordable building products if you know where and how to look for them.

So, here you go. Trust us: the 10 products included here are so cool that no one will ever believe how little you paid for them.