Woolworth Kitchen, Omaha, Neb.

This clean, contemporary kitchen in Omaha features a mix of materials, including stainless steel, cast concrete, cherry, bubinga, and maple.

The kitchen is a remodel, and the owners wanted a clean, contemporary look.

The kitchen also needed to be usable for the clients' son, who uses a wheelchair. He enters the kitchen using a ramp that's manually controlled and simple to operate.

A cast-concrete island with a fold-down leaf made of bubinga is the focal point of the room. On the curved side of the island is a maple cabinet for storing table linens. The cabinet is wheelchair accessible.

The cooking side of the island is straight, while the opposite side is curved, allowing for maximum wheelchair mobility within a narrow galley footprint. Above the island is a maple ceiling panel whose design was inspired by boiilng water.

Just off the kitchen is a home office that was also conceived with universal design in mind.

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