Will Micro Apartments Go Macro?

An 11,775-square-foot building with 23 micro apartments is being wedged onto a 3,750-square-foot lot between two other buildings in San Francisco’s SoMa district.

The 300-square-foot apartments will feature 9-foot ceilings, kitchens and baths, storage, and flexible built-ins.

These renderings show how renters can manipulate the space inside the apartments to turn a sleeping area into a work or eating space.

Large windows and high ceilings give these tiny spaces a more capacious feeling.

These overhead renderings show how an area in the micro apartment accommodates one bed, two beds, or a workspace.

Architect Aaron Cheng has devised a micro apartment whose 220 square feet can be compressed to 80 square feet, making the outside space available for parking during work hours.

The following slides show how this Housing Parking concept would work. Kitchens, baths, and storage would remain fixed inside the apartment, but the rest of the living space would retract during the day. That space would become parking levels. To make this feasible, renters and drivers would have to agree to a fairly rigid time schedule. But the architect, Aaron Cheng, doesn’t think the concept would be complicated or expensive to execute.

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