Why Xeriscaping Makes Sense Everywhere

The Galleries at Turney, designed by Shepley Bulfinch, feature native plants such as a Palo Brea tree, Purple Mountain grass, and an Indian Fig tree.

The complex is a series of condos in Phoenix.

The Link, also by Shepley Bulfinch, is a mixed-use building landscaped with a Palo Brea tree, Desert Spoon, barrel cactus, and variegated agave.

In the courtyard of this condo is a mesquite tree, Agave Americana, Date palm, and Bundle Hedgehog cactus—all native plants.

Xero gardening doesn't have to mean cactus. The land on which this Colorado home sits has been reclaimed with native grasses and fruit trees.

To reclaim the property, architect John Cottle worked to bring the land back to the way it was 100 years ago.

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