Water Barrier

Double Protection Home Slicker 10 Plus Typar combines the benefits of a rainscreen and water-resistive barrier into one product. Each roll includes the Home Slicker 3D matrix bonded to Typar housewrap. The matrix eliminates the need for furring strips, saving time and labor costs, and the housewrap allows moisture to escape and protects the wall assembly from mold and rot. Benjamin Obdyke. 800-346-7655. www.benjaminobdyke.com.

Hold Out Delta-Vent SA is a vapor permeable, self-adhesive, water-resistive air barrier that will help improve buildings’ energy efficiency. Ideal for common substrates such as concrete, masonry, OSB, and exterior-grade drywall, the product includes an aggressive adhesive with high vapor permeability and a self-sticking edge lap to keep out moisture. Cosella-Dörken. 888-433-5824. www.cosella-dorken.com.

Zip Up ZIP System R Sheathing is the first ever five-in-one sheathing with a foam insulation layer attached, the manufacturer says. The product—designed to help builders meet energy codes—features a ½- or 1-inch sheet of continuous polyisocyanurate foam bonded to an OSB panel, and a water-resistive barrier that replaces housewrap and felt. A high-performance tape covers the seams. Huber Engineered Wood. 800-933-9220. www.zipsystem.com.

Liquid Refreshment Ideal for protection under exterior cladding such as stone, siding, and stucco, StoEnergy Guard is an integrated fluid-applied waterproof air barrier, sheathing joint protection, drainage plane, and continuous insulation product all in one. The easy-to-install system offers myriad compatible components for specific design and meets individual climate zone and building code requirements. Sto Corp. 800-221-2397. www.stocorp.com.

Heat Blocker ThermaWrap is a weather-resistive barrier incorporating a low-E metallized surface that minimizes heat gain and heat loss. The coating helps reduce radiant heat flow through walls, which in turn helps minimize summer heat gain and winter heat loss. It also works to create an R-2 thermal resistance in the wall cavity when facing a minimum ¾-inch air space. DuPont Building Innovations. 800-448-9835. www.dupont.com.

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