vali homes infill prototype house, Phoenix

"The sexy thing is that you’re looking through this gauzy screen in the front," says our jury. In addition to good looks, this house generates its own energy. Using energy calculation software, the 1500 GSF house should use around 6000 kWh of electricity per year. The installed 3.6 kW solar PV system offsets this usage, creating a net-zero energy home.

That sexy screen encloses a front courtyard that provides a barrier between living spaces and the street.

The screen along with deep overhangs shade the abundant glass on the front elevation.

These homes are meant as a contemporary equivalent of the “case study” homes of the 1960s- though built for their time and place, and with sustainability in mind.

White walls and millwork reflect the light coming in primarily from north- and south-facing sliding doors.

Interiors are based on an open plan to maximize space and reduce building costs. One splurge were the floor-to-ceiling frameless doors for the few enclosed rooms.

Drought-resistant landscaping and permeable hard-scaping are ideal for Arizona's mostly sunny with a chance of torrential rains climate.

Floor plan


Computer-generated experimentation on the size of gaps in the screen produced carefully modulated degrees of transparency that permit breezes to pass through, but also offers privacy at standing and sitting eye levels.

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