Vali Home Prototype

Engineered for arid climates, water-conservation is a central design tenet of the Vali Homes prototype home in Phoenix.

The architect and developer drew inspiration from the ribs and needles of a cactus to create the siding.

The roof slopes toward each side elevation to direct water along twin shales and carry all runoff into the backyard.

The careful site layout means the home reclaims 100% of its rainwater.

The irrigation-free yard was carefully planned, with plants placed on-site specifically according to their water needs.

The Vali home is designed as a holistic ecosystem.

The home's interior is also designed for maximum water- and energy-efficiency.

Highly-insulated walls and windows ensure premium efficiency.

High-performance fixtures and appliances were selected throughout the home.

Vali Homes are designed to be simple and modern.

The team tested various fixtures to find the best-quality water-saving options.

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