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Big Ass Fans
Haiku ceiling fans now include SenseME technology, which saves energy by turning the fan on or off when people enter and exit and adjusting fan speed according to the temperature and humidity. Haiku also can connect with the Nest Thermostat to set temperatures based on the fan’s cooling power. In addition, the high-efficiency motor makes Haiku the top ranked energy-efficient ceiling fan by Energy Star.

Through its industry-first AquaSense Recycling System, the KitchenAid Architect Series II dishwasher consumes 33 percent less water, the company says. The dishwasher recycles water from the final rinse for the next pre-rinse cycle, finishing with fresh water. The machine offers ProScrub and Whisper Quiet systems and five cycles, including ProWash. 

Xero Flor America
Pre-vegetated roof mats integrate plant material and the growing medium onto a flexible geotextile carrier, resulting in a durable yet lightweight green roof option. The layered construction allows XeroFlor mats to be cut into sections for easy installation and roof access. The company uses plants local to the installation region and are Cradle to Cradle certified.

Pioneer Millworks 
New to the firm’s line of sustainable wood products is its Reclaimed Teak flooring and paneling, available in planed, weathered, and textured surfaces with multiple finishes. Teak’s natural oils improve the durability and beauty of the product, which is salvaged from dismantled structures in Indonesia using strict international standards. 

Benjamin Moore 
With zero VOCs and emissions, Natura is the company’s most environmentally friendly paint. It’s tinted with the Gennex colorant system to ensure that it remains VOC-free, and it boasts the manufacturer’s Green Promise designation, reserved for products that meet and exceed industry standards. Thousands of colors in eggshell, flat, and semi-gloss finishes are available. 

Integrity Windows & Doors 
Tripane glazing offers increased energy efficiency for Wood-Ultrex casements, awnings, and direct glaze windows, says the company. Ultrex fiberglass is combined with three panes of glass and argon gas to provide higher insulation, with U-factors of 0.18 to 0.20. Special sizes are available, and the windows are compatible with current design and hardware options. 

Benjamin Obdyke
With enhanced tear and wind load resistance and UV exposure increased to six months, FlatWrap HP is a durable tri-laminate housewrap solution. It’s water resistant and vapor permeable, reducing damage from moisture, and can be used with the manufacturer’s rainscreen products and HydroGap housewrap for layered protection.

EnergyGuard Polyiso Insulated Sheathing’s superior R-value delivers energy savings, says GAF, and it provides continuous insulation by covering wall studs. Constructed of bilaminate facers bonded to a polyiso foam core, the sheathing is lightweight and available in seven thicknesses. It’s made with EPA-compliant blowing agents, has zero ozone depletion potential, and is Energy Star certified.

CalStar Products 
Six new sizes have been added to the company’s sustainable brick line, with two offered as a split-face unit. The product earned the first Environmental Product Declaration for brick; it contains 37 percent recycled content and does not need to be kiln-fired, requiring 81 percent less energy to produce while emitting 84 percent less CO2, according to the manufacturer.

Mitsubishi Electric
The high-efficiency Hyper-Heating Inverter (H2i) MSZ-FH ductless cooling and heating system has a 30.5 SEER rating. The indoor unit uses 3D heat imaging technology to scan the space and make adjustments, with optional wireless control. H2i models can operate at 100 percent heating capacity at 5 F, and the lack of a separate heating product simplifies installation.

Sherwin-Williams’ Loxon IP IR reflective coating adds advanced infrared technology into concrete and masonry protection; it has pigments that reflect ultraviolet rays back into the atmosphere. This keeps surface and interior temperatures lower and reduces building heat gain and energy consumption—beneficial for homes in hot, sunny regions. The coating comes in six colors. 

CertainTeed’s highest producing solar solution, Apollo II, uses high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells to convert energy and has a power rating of 56 watts per module. At maximum output, it can generate most of a home’s daily electricity, the firm says. Excess power flows back into the grid. The unit’s lightweight, slim profile allows for easy installation and clean integration with the roof.

Velux America
The Energy Star–qualified solar powered “Fresh Air” skylight adds natural home lighting and ventilation and uses a solar panel to recharge its battery-powered operator and control system. Upgrades include “clean, quiet, and safe” glass and a redesigned, more user-friendly remote control. Skylight blinds also are available, which can improve the energy performance rating by 45 percent. 

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