Tifereth Israel Synagogue, Des Moines, Iowa

The smaller courtyard adjacent to offices for the rabbi and cantor is for more private reflection and prayer. For the private courtyard, the design team opted for a clear pattern cut into an opaque white background.

The courtyard adjacent to the new chapel will be used for outdoor events and gatherings.

Each panel is framed in bronzed anodized aluminum and set on steel footings. The bronzing matches window mullions in the existing building.

“The clear glass panel in the other courtyard has phrases about people getting together and recognizable words to engage the public.”

The opaque screen for the private space as viewed through the library.

“We had always talked about preserving some of the geometric patterns from the old chapel and referencing them in whatever we designed,” Hartman says. The team used the glass screens to project that familiar design across the courtyards and out to the street.

This diagram shows the relations ship of the two glass screens to each other as well as the new chapel and private offices.

Both screens and the new worship space as viewed from busy Polk Boulevard.

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