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Reaching Out: Launched in 2005 by the Bay Area Builders Association in Houston, Operation Finally Home has focused on providing free quality housing to injured war veterans. Through December 2011, the organization and its sponsors—including 16 builders—had raised the funds and building materials for 32 homes in six states.

Recognizing True Heroes: Dan Wallrath (left), a 30-year home building veteran and founder of Operation Finally Home, with Corporal Hugo Gonzalez and his family. Gonzalez was wounded while serving in Baquba, Iraq. Operation Finally Home used the Armed Services Bowl football game in 2010 to announce it was giving the family a new home, mortgage free.

Ambitious Plans: Operation Finally Home’s goal in 2012 is to deliver in one year as many homes as it helped fund in the previous six years combined.

New Lease on Life: Retired U.S. Army Sergeant Jorge DeLeon and his family (left), accepting a new house in San Antonio from Dan Wallrath (center) of Operation Finally Home. DeLeon lost his right leg in a mine explosion in Afghanistan, and his left leg was severely injured. He also received a scholarship from the Texas Sentinels’ Foundation.

Not Forgetting: Builder Dan Wallrath (right) says he started Operation Finally Home to help injured war veterans and their families, whom he contends are among “the most unappreciated groups in this country.

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day: Van Metre Homes’ president Richard Rabil (right), announcing the company’s donation in 2009 of $50,000 to the Children’s National Medical Center. Accepting the donation are, from left, Frank M. Midgley, M.D., the former executive director of the Joseph E. Robert Jr. Center for Surgical Care and division chief of cardiovascular surgery at the Children’s Medical Center, and Kurt Newman, M.D., president and CEO of the Medical Center.

Off to the Races: Since 2007, Van Metre Homes has hosted the Van Metre Polo Cup, a charitable sporting event that has raised $15 million to build the Adler Center for Caring in Loudoun County, Va. Adler is part of Capital Caring, a hospice care facility that the builder and its owners have long supported financially.

Benefiting Higher Learning. Thirty-seven acres of land in Loudoun County, Va., donated by the chairman and president of Van Metre Homes to George Mason University, will be used as the site of a new college campus.

New Wing. Richard Rabil, president of Van Metre Homes (center), cutting the ribbon for the 2010 opening of the Van Metre Cardiovascular Operating Room within the Children’s National Medical Center. With Rabil is the builder's chairman Beau Van Meter (right). Each year, the builder conducts a five-mile race that, so far, has raised nearly $2 million for the Medical Center.

A Break in the Action: Van Metre Homes’ chairman Beau Van Metre and wife Dee (first and second from left) with “America’s Most Wanted” host John Walsh, and Robin Portman, chairman of Capital Caring’s board of directors at the 2011 Van Metre Polo Cup.

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