Screen Gem

The low-lying, limestone-sided dwelling blends in with its rugged site. The clients wanted a home that used local, durable materials and efficient systems, had healthy indoor air quality, and allowed them to connect on a deeper level with nature.

88% of construction waste was diverted from the landfill. Stone excavated from the site for the foundation fills gabion walls which act as permanent erosion controls and delineate the native, drought-tolerant features of the site. Once the landscape has been established, the owners' goal is for net-zero water use.

A covered porch is oriented to catch prevaliing breezes and provides a comfy spot to watch the sun set.

The wood flooring in the main living area and kitchen is locally harvested end-grain mesquite, finished with a low-VOC water-based sealant.

Kolbe aluminum-clad windows provide an average U-value of 0.31, which helps mitigate solar heating during the sweltering summer months.

The master bedroom's patio doors can be opened wide to the screened sleeping porch. The concrete flooring acts as a thermal mass that retains heat at night and releases it during the day.

Rainwater runoff from the home's sloping roofs flows into the 17,000-gallon collection system, which provides 100% of the home’s potable water needs. Inside the home, WaterSense-certified fixtures help keep water use to a minimum.

A 12-kW Sharp solar PV system is mounted on the carport roof.

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