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An intact Twister Safe tornado shelter at the back of a destroyed garage in a Joplin home after the tornado. Seven of Twister Safe’s units were in the path of the storm.

A Twister Safe tornado shelter sits amid debris in the aftermath of the tornado.

A Twister Safe tornado shelter sits attached to its concrete base slab amid the remnants of a completely destroyed house in Joplin after the tornado. Shattered trees and clean-swept house lots indicate an F-5 degree of tornado damage; the Twister Safe is unscathed. The winter following the tornado, Twister Safe’s owners celebrated with more than two dozen customers whose lives were protected by the units during the storm.

An intact Twister Safe tornado shelter next to a destroyed house.

An intact Twister Safe tornado shelter sits in the center of a zone of total devastation near the center of the killer tornado track. Twister Safe units saved more than two dozen lives during the storm.

A worker assembles the steel frame of a Twister Safe tornado shelter in the Twister Safe manufacturing facility a few miles south of Joplin, Missouri. The company has expanded operations following the units’ successful performance during the tornado.

Two-time tornado survivor Tom Cook in his Twister Safe shelter in a neighborhood in Joplin, MIssouri. Tom and his daughter Ryanne sheltered in the unit during the tornado; their house was destroyed. The unit survived with no damage and was reinstalled in the garage of the Cooks’ current house.

A Twister Safe under construction at the company’s facility south of Joplin, showing the reinforcing steel ribs in the ¼-inch steel plate box walls. Operating and construction details of the steel reinforced door and its five-point closing and locking mechanism are proprietary.

A collection of Twister Safe units ready to be shipped at the Twister Safe assembly faciility south of Joplin. All units are built to pre-order specifications.

Twister Safe’s Jeremy Davis poses with a Twister Safe unit that survived the tornado, sheltering the owners as their house was destroyed in the storm. Jeremy Davis supervises construction and installation of the units in the family-run company.

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