Safe Room, Safe Home

Securall These units arrive assembled for easy installation, requiring only a cement pad and heavy-duty bolt-down anchors. Four standard sizes fit four to 10 adults and are only 4 feet deep to maximize space in garage installations. Three deadbolts and a lockable lever style handle secure the door, while a standard view lite with a hinged cover allows for a look outside.

DuPont Reinforced with Kevlar, Stormroom is available with fully customizable walls measuring up to 12 feet long. The room can be finished to match any wall and allows for electricity, plumbing, and HVAC integration. The durable yet lighter-than-steel Kevlar also allows for wireless use and radio reception. The panels use structural steel connectors and attach to a concrete slab foundation with an epoxy anchoring system.

RhinoVault Offering a range of safe rooms, panic rooms, and security vaults, these drop-in and modular rooms can be outfitted with wood overlays or sheet rock as well as electrical outlets, lighting, secure venting, and communication line conduits. High-strength, wedge-type anchors over concrete slabs provide FEMA rated high-wind protection. Also available are security pocket doors, high-caliber ballistic protection, and two-hour fire protection.

Tornado Alley Armor This simplistic panel design bolts together using Grade 8 steel hardware and anchors to the slab floor. The single-motion posi-lock door latch also provides a fail-safe exit for occupants. During debris-impact testing at Texas Tech University, the structure withstood the highest number of impacts of shelters tested, according to the manufacturer. Sizes range from three- to 40-adult capacity.

FamilySafe The NASCAR-type safety cage inside this all-welded steel storm shelter can hold about 25 midsize cars, according to the manufacturer, and is bullet-resistant. Three commercial-grade locks allow the room to double as a gun safe or vault, while a patent-pending door system ensures users won’t become trapped inside. Finished units require the loss of only 2.5 inches per wall and install with a Hilti anchorage system.

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