Rough and Ready

Love Triangle A flatiron-shaped warehouse in a beloved Chicago neighborhood became a family home with space for active young kids.

The triangular-shaped form posed challenges, but the design team transformed it into a home for a family of four in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood.

The 1920s building used to serve as storage space for a Polish food importer. It was home to pallets upon pallets of boxes, jars, and cans. 

Out of the cavernous spaces, the designers carved entryways, courtyards, and atriums, which gave the growing boys who lived in this house plenty of room to run wild.

Huge walls of windows bring in light, with outdoor play spaces for both children and grownups.

A bedroom overlooks the atrium, with floor-to-ceiling windows that let light in but also maintain privacy.

The designers added a third floor to the building so that in this open plan home, the parents’ had privacy in the form of a master suite.

Using off-the-shelf industrial products, such as aluminum windows for the wall of glass that connects the kitchen to the outdoor deck, set off this building’s good looks. Using ready-mades instead of custom materials also helped saved on budget.

Timber fittings add to the kit-of-parts feel and rough-and-ready look that maintain the spirit of the original building.

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