Reverse-Lapped Housewrap

Reverse Lap Tradesmen working from the top down, or haphazardly, sometimes install housewrap so that the upper course tucks behind a lower course, directing rainwater “down and in” rather than “out and down.” Over time, trapped moisture can destroy a wall system.

Inspect and Correct Supervision and training during construction are the keys to getting housewrap installed correctly. Once the stucco, brick, vinyl, or wood siding is on, the problem is hidden from view—until it announces itself as a crop of fresh mushrooms. The time to catch this problem is before it’s covered up. Remove the housewrap, install it right, and welcome the opportunity to teach your crews the proper installation technique.

Advanced Products Spray-applied or roller-applied liquid air-barrier and drainage-plane membranes are the new alternatives for water-resistive barriers. They take skill to apply—you have to prep and tape joints and detail the flashing according to manufacturer’s instructions—but research shows these membranes do a great job of water protection and air sealing.

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