Putting It to the Test

Aside from the signage and a small solar array, the IBACOS Energy Efficiency Lab Home resembles the rest of the units in the Cobblestone Estates community.

The crew hoists wall panels, featuring staggered studs, into place.

Traditionally used for basements, Dow Wallmate features imbedded channels for furring strips, reducing the overall thickness and thereby allowing for use of traditional framing nails during siding installation.

Lab Home researchers will be able to switch between three different HVAC distribution systems to study which is most efficient and delivers the best ROI.

A coil around the shower drain pipe recovers heat to help warm incoming shower water.

One of the many section diagrams designed to teach installers, this schematic shows proper air barrier detailing at the roof/ceiling connection.

This detail shows steps six through 10 (out of 20) for proper front door installation and flashing.

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