Public Housing Goes Green

The Village Green site in Rome, Georgia, was designed to create an urban neighborhood feeling. Sidewalks and crosswalks, as well as a park behind the building, connect the apartment community to the surrounding development.

A north/south site orientation maximizes daylight and minimizes solar gain. South-facing roof monitors provide light for the stairwells, and north-facing roof monitors harvest daylight for the bathrooms, reducing the need for electricity during daylight hours.

While resident parking is located on either side of the building, the front is designed with parallel parking for guests, activating the neighborhood streetscape.

The building is clad in dark red, light red and dark brown brick to create an exterior that gives character to and energizes the façade.

The two-story townhouses feature an open floor plan and plenty of natural light.

A park behind the building is for use by Village Green residents and those of a nearby apartment community.

In back of the units is park space that includes a bioswale and retention pond. Landscaping utilizes native, drought-tolerant plants that don’t require irrigation.

Village Green’s elevated sidewalk – designed to meet accessibility requirements for disabled residents and guests – functions similarly to traditional neighborhood stoops.

Awaiting LEED-Silver certification, the Village Green apartments are also certified by Enterprise Green Communities and Energy Star.

Interiors are bright and open and feature water- and energy-saving amenities.

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