Products from the AIA National Convention

The S.93 is a custom made lift-and-slide door system that allows architects to open their homes to the outdoors. Available in wood clad, all wood, and all aluminum, the line features a track system that is recessed into the floor, leaving only a 3/16” rail exposed. The system accommodates virtually any size opening.

SwissPearl is a color-through fiber cement cladding that allows architects to add color without paint. Available in a wide array of shades, it offers high UV resistance, low maintenance, and application versatility.

The manufacturer’s illumaWALL product is a translucent daylighting system that can be used for interior or exterior walls, canopies, and ceilings, among other applications. Made from cellular polycarbonate, it integrates programmable LEDs and aluminum framing to create waves of color.

LC Shutters is a bell-shaped aluminum pendant that is cut and pressed to form two interactive layers. Designed for use with various types of bulbs, it provides glare-free lighting with uniform distribution. It comes in white or a multicolored design.

The manufacturer’s Classic Wood window is made with a 3.5-inch-deep Meranti wood frame and European high-performance triple glazing with a U-value of 0.09. Frames feature a three-layer waterborne factory finish, while German Roto hardware ensures smooth operation, the company says.

A joint development between Medite Europe and Accsys Technologies, Medite Tricoya is an acetylated wood fiber MDF that can be used in innovative ways, such as exterior cladding on buildings. Like the manufacturer’s Accoya modified wood, the product is durable and dimensionally stable.

X45 C1 is a machined aluminum spotlight with a pivotal head and an optional shielded shade. The 12-volt fixture measures 7½ inches and uses an MR16 LED bulb.

This light-controlling shade is powered by an internal motor that runs on a pack of standard D-cell batteries. As a result, it uses no cords and no wires. Available in a wide variety of fabrics, the unit can measure as wide as 120 inches and as tall as 120 inches. It uses a remote control.

The manufacturer specializes in roofing and wall cladding made from a variety of metals, including copper as shown on this Austin home. You can order products in aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and galvanized metal and in a variety of profiles and colors.

Offering a different spin on fabric, the manufacturer’s products are made from metal and can be used for a variety of architectural applications, such as partitions, facades, and safety railings. Fabrics are designed in a wide variety of weights, weaves, and degrees of transparency. The Delta 30 (shown) is made from stainless steel and is 64% open area.

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