Pipe Leaks

Problem: Messy Work A slow or small leak behind a wall or between floors may take months to show damage, but by then there will be a lot to clean up, from finishes to drywall and probably insulation and some framing, depending on the circumstances. What’s worse, the water may be pooling in a place that’s far from the leak, making detection and repairs even more problematic.

Solutions: Fix It Shut off the main or (if possible) the affected branch of the plumbing system, then start peeling back the affected area until you find the leak. Replace the damaged section of pipe or fitting, as well as any structural or other materials as necessary, and let the area dry out before testing the pipe and covering it up again.

Solutions: Avoid It Assuming a quality installation, test the system prior to drywall to get a baseline flow rate. Then, clearly mark the locations of plumbing and other utility runs for subcontractors that follow the plumber and alert them to those markings when they arrive on site. Test and inspect the system again before closing as part of your final walk-through, which should match the previous baseline.

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