Offering Solace

Tom Mayberry (dark blue shirt) and his sons Jake (light blue shirt) and Jason(green shirt) meet with Chaplain Todd Decker (white shirt with tie) at the site of his destroyed rental home which has been rebuilt by the Mayberrys.

Left to right: Tom Mayberry, Freeman Hospital Chaplain Todd Decker, Jason Mayberry, and Jake Mayberry walk in a neighborhood of rebuilt homes. Todd Decker survived the tornado in a home built by the Mayberrys, which was destroyed by the storm. Decker walked for hours to his job at Freeman Hospital, tending to the spiritual needs of an overwhelming crush of injured and dying patients.

Left to right: Tom Mayberry, Jason Mayberry, Jake Mayberry, and Todd Decker at a rebuilt neighborhood in Joplin. A family business specializing in insurance work, the Mayberrys’ company has repaired hundreds of damaged homes in the year since the tornado, and built a number of complete replacement houses. They originally built the rental house in which Todd Decker rode out the storm.

Left to right: Jake Mayberry, Todd Decker, Tom Mayberry, and Jason Mayberry. Said HBA executive director Crystal Harrington: “You go through all that together, and afterwards, everybody is closer.”

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