Net-Zero Pre-Fab

Vista is characterized by clean lines and simple forms, but offers immense flexibility for configuration of modules. A sloped roof option is available; PV panels can be positioned on the roof and trellises.

Sliding or telescoping glass walls on opposite sides of the Vista's great room naturally extend the living space to the outdoors while promoting cross ventilation.

Vista is designed for easy expansion and configuration, with just the main home or the addition of attached or detached modules; detached modules provide for courtyards or separate in-law suites, rental units, or a studio.

While many previous styles were in tune to mild, West Coast climates, Kaufmann developed Ridge to serve the needs of colder, Midwestern locales. The design features less glass, yet still incorporates front and rear window-wall connections to the outdoors and strategic placement of fenestration, including clerestory windows and skylights, to promote natural light and cross ventilation.

Roofing wraps down the side of the Ridge house to form a protective shell while also shading front and rear outdoor spaces and furthering a visual connection to the ground and surrounding landscape.

The Ridge model’s double-height space features an open floor plan with a loft above.

Like the other designs, Contours interplays with the surrounding landscape, incorporating multiple access points to semi-covered outdoor spaces.

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