MiMA Roof Terrace Commons, New York

MiMA Roof Terrace Gardens are part of a 700-unit luxury high-rise in Manhattan.

A large public spaceis broken up into smaller ones. Clusters of European Hornbeam act as groves, offsetting the ginormous scale of the building, and acting as a windscreen.

FSC-certified Ipe decking is a warm contrast to the glass and concrete that compose the tower.

The jury praised the lanscapding for being intimate yet not compartmentalized. Viburnum helps provide spatial separation and visual privacy.

Maintaining the geometry of the overall plan while providing a sufficient number of grilling, dining, and lounging spaces was one of the biggest balancing acts of the project.

Lawn spaces--including the dog run--are composed of artificial turf. which saves on water consumption. To further save on water, a 5500-gallon reservoir tank collects rainwater.

Because of load limitations, the terrace depth had to be shallow. Despite the limitations, this roof garden is undeniably lush, thanks to hardy shrubs and grasses.

Seasonal plantings like daffodils and Blue Shadow Fothergilla make for outdoor space that feels a long way from the hurly-burly of Midtown Manhattan.

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