Kohler Residence / Milwaukee

The house is built on a brownfield site in the Kane Commons community, which includes 12 living units surrounding a common courtyard. With careful grading, the need to landfill contaminated soils was greatly reduced.

The main stair is composed of salvaged trestle bridge timbers.

The kitchen features composite countertops made from recycled paper, Energy Star appliances, and recycled wood flooring.

Warm, well-worn materials add character and up the sustainability quotient, including reused stone flooring and bookshelves and trim made of salvaged lumber from a nearby teardown.

The multi-level green roof aids in insulation and decreases water runoff.

Found objects such as scavanged sinks, recycled tile, and reclaimed wood fill the house with interest and warmth.

The depth of the straw bale walls can be seen in this windowsill.

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