Kenton Residence

Thompson stayed true to the form for the main house and designed the garage to look like a later addition connected by a breezeway.

The nearly hidden accessibility in this carriage house-style timber frame home(like the subdle ramp leading to the main entrance) creates a more comfortable atmosphere. Should the owners ever decide to sell, it also means the house will appeal to a wider range of buyers.

The lower level master suite gets full light and a second form of egress thanks to clever siting that takes advantage of the sloping hill.

A screened porch also stands alone and is mimics a corn crib.

Using blue stone for the walkways helps mask the fact that they are also access ramps.

A long, wide hallway connects the garage to the kitchen. Glass panels on the inside of the arched frame make this corridor appear as if an open breezeway was eventually enclosed.

Exposed wood beams provide a rustic contrast to the white walls and millwork, but the simple forms don’t compete with the owners’ antiques.

The glass-filled cupola rises directly above the dining room table with an oversized iron chandelier hanging from the center.

Two islands with ample turning space in-between give the homeowners more work surfaces and plenty of low storage, which is easier to reach from a wheelchair.

Both the apron-front sink and the cooktop have recessed cabinets beneath to allow close access from a chair without losing valuable storage.

Thompson used other carriage house forms like throughout the house, for example a typical hay shaft was used to house the elevator.

A butler's pantry fitted with open shelves keeps kitchen accessories in easy reach, but out of sight.

Two guest bedrooms and a bathroom occupy the top level, which mimics a hay loft.

Track lighting and wires are mostly concealed by drilling through the timbers and snaking them out of sight. Track lights work well to illuminate large, open spaces, but they don’t go with traditional style, so the timbers helped hide them.

To help mitigate a feeling of exposure with the abundant open spaces, Thompson bumped out a wall in the master bedroom to create a cozy alcove for the bed.

The master bath features a large shower with a foyer so the homeowner can maneuver her chair easily into the shower. Fixed glass lets natural light flow into the wet room.

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