KB Tests the Limits of a Sustainable Production Home

The Double ZeroHome will save 150,000 gallons of water a year and produce as much energy as it consumes, for an estimated $4,452 in energy and water savings annually.

The house is 2,537 square feet.

The kitchen features energy- and water-conserving appliances.

In the Double ZeroHome, graywater from sinks and showers is treated and reused for irrigation. Used hot water is funneled through a heat-extracting pipe. The energy from this water is used to help heat fresh, cold water.

The only visible part of the home's graywater system is the NEXtreater water treatment appliance. The graywater collection tank and the treated water storage and supply tank are installed underground.

KitchenAid's newest dishwasher in the Architect II series features the AquaSense Recycling System, which allows it to use 33 percent less water by saving the water from the last rinse cycle to pre-rinse the next cycle before using fresh water to complete the cleaning process.

The Whirlpool Smart Side-by-Side refrigerator's 6th Sense Live technology allows homeowners to activate specific options when they're not at home. Another feature tracks how much energy the appliance is using.

The Power-Pipe from Renewability Energy, located inside the garage wall, extracts energy from hot water that has gone down the drain.

Hgihly efficient PV panels from SunPower--shown here installed in a KB Home community--are black with no silver contact lines on the front for a sleek, elegant aesthetic not found in conventional panels.

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