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Q-Bot (London) – Design and manufacturing of robots that apply insulation to floors and walls, upgrading buildings, and enhancing the thermal comfort of their occupants.

10x Technology (Libertyville, Illinois, USA) – Production of high value-added micro-structured and nanostructured materials, notably polymers, for medical, energy, electronics, transportation, defense or habitat markets.

U.S. Bionics (Berkeley, Calif.) – Modular exoskeleton systems which help operators to perform physical tasks, particularly designed for construction industries. 

Bitfinder (San Francisco) – Smart home air quality monitor, which provides customized recommendations and can be connected to other objects in the house to create an optimum indoor environment.

Ecovative Design (Green Island, N.Y.) – Processing agricultural and biological products into biocomposite foam materials used especially for packaging and insulation

Melodea (Rehovot, Israel) – Process for the extraction of NCC (Nano Crystalline Cellulose) from industrial or agricultural waste and assembling into composites materials, in particular foams and films, for a wide variety of industrial applications.

In’Air Solutions (Strasbourg, France) – Solution for analyzing air quality and material emissions via a precise, reliable and fast tool for measuring chemical indoor air pollutants, particularly formaldehyde or VOCs.

Alumina Energy (Santa Monica, California, USA) – Modular, reliable and cost-efficient packed bed thermal energy storage (PB-TES) technology, compatible with renewable or fossil fuel-based energy systems.

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