In-Home Tornado Shelters

The Armor Vault above-ground tornado shelter is engineered to withstand an EF5 storm. The units are tested with high-velocity missiles, which are shot into the shelter’s door and sides to mimic the force of flying debris. Units are also equipped to withstand 300 mile per hour winds. Prices start at $3,678.

In an emergency, the DuPont StormRoom is outfitted to withstand an EF5 tornado. The rest of the time, the indoor shelters can be outfitted as a regular room in sizes up to 12 feet by 12 feet. And because the shelters are built with Kevlar incorporated into the walls and ceiling, rather than steel, they can be installed on a standard reinforced concrete slab, and they don’t interfere with cell phone or weather radio signals. 

Storm Safe Rooms offers two models of EF5 rated above-ground tornado shelters: the Iron Eagle II, which can be bolted to a garage floor; and the Storm Guard III, which can be added to an existing room inside the home. The company will also relocate shelters when customers need to move. Prices start  at $3,995 for a residential shelter for a family of five. 

The Ground Zero underground shelter offers protection in an emergency without taking up square footage inside the home or garage. Units are installed below the garage floor, and homeowners can park above the unit when not in use. Shelters start at $3,295 and are equipped with a two-piece lid, which enables homeowners to have two exit doors. 

The FamilySAFE storm shelter is an all-welded steel unit that features the manufacturer’s SAFE-T Door, which can be opened in several different ways to ensure those inside can get out, even if debris has fallen around the unit. The shelter can also support more than 100,000 pounds of weight on top. Pricing starts at $3,600. 

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