Grand Award - The Glen Town Center

In contrast to the sterile strip malls marooned on asphalt islands across the country, The Glen Town Center remembers a more graceful era of downtown shopping districts, one in which houses, department stores, theaters, and greenswards commingle to create an enticing sense of place.

Pappageorge/Haymes gets kudos for a thoughtful design in which the elegant arc of Tower Drive, the main retail street, links two townhouse developments at opposite ends of the 45-acre parcel. In between is Navy Park, a landscaped plaza on axis with the renovated airplane hangar that distinguishes this former naval air station.

The new residents—young professionals and empty-nesters—are indispensable to the project's success, so the architects didn't stint on their homes' architectural details. Landscaped entry courtyards, bays, and canopies add rhythm to the long red-brick façades of the 154 townhouses.

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