Germany-Based Modular Home Supplier Sets Its Sights On America

EVOLUTIONARY DESIGN. The factory-built Huf House features post-and-beam architectural design and energy efficient technology.

CARRY THE LOAD: Huf Haus' construction techniques dispense with load-bearing walls, which open up interior spaces.

Natural sunlight beams through floor-to-ceiling triple-glazed windows onto rooms throughout the Huf Haus kitchen.

DETAIL ORIENTED: Kitchens includes draws that maximize space and organization.

TARGETING A NICHE CUSTOMER. At more than $500 per square foot, a Huf home has a small buyer base. Huf Haus' goal is to build 10 homes per year in the U.S.

LONG PLANNING, QUICK DELIVERY. From order to completion, a Huf home takes about 14 months, as the company encourages buyers' design input. Actual on-site assembly, though, only takes three to 14 days.

LEARNING OPTIONAL: A number of Huf Haus's house plans include space for a library.

POWERING UP. House designs include the installation of roof-mounted solar panels.

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