Generac's Manufacturing Upgrades

A virtual tour of the updates that Generac has implemented in its model production line at its Whitewater, Wisc., facility.

This is the old side of the facility, which has not yet been updated to the model line that launched on April 1. Generac hopes to have the rest of the facility converted by 2015.

With the updated structure, destrashing takes place in a central hub; materials are then binned and sent to the “supermarket,” where they are transferred to operators as needed.

Operators now have real-time visual views lineside, and can use touchscreen functionality to verify steps and quality control.

Operators can also use their screens to signal to a supervisor if there's a problem or when the unit is ready to move to the next station; the station's signal light will change accordingly.

After the unit goes through the hot test cell for performance and safety standards, quality assurance officers check all components as it comes off the assembly line.

The facility is also moving to a digital production board that tracks and displays all relevant data.

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