Gen Y: Feathering the Nest

House of Wonders Looks can be deceiving: Behind this appealingly modest façade is a home that feels both intimate and spacious—and that lives a lot bigger than it looks.

Inside Out Woodley used two smart tactics to make this house spacious. The open plan layout makes for long views and rooms that spill into each other and onto the outside spaces. So does capitalizing on the warm-climate environs. Telescoping glass doors blur the line between interior and exterior, offering good views of and easy access to the outdoor areas—which increase the overall living space by a third.

Serene Spaces1. At the end of a long, hard day, everyone needs a quiet place to retreat. The Gen Y master bathroom has a double-sized shower with a toweling-off area set right outside the shower door.

2. The entire master bedroom suite is off the kitchen, in its own separate wing, with its own private door to the pool area.

3. The pool and hot tub are inviting places to relax in the sun, or in the evening when the water is illuminated with multi-colored fiber-optic pool lighting.

4. Tucked at the front of the house is a cozy guest room with a cottage-like vibe. The casita is separate but not isolated: Kitchenette, bathroom, and a separate entrance mean that friends and family who come to stay can enjoy their own space. Depending on local zoning laws, a casita like this can also be rented out for extra income.

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