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Reclaimed fir car decking was re-milled into thinner sheets and applied as a rainscreen for most of the exterior siding. Pre-painted HardiPlank clads the rest of the exterior.

The master bedroom cantilevers out above the front porch, shading the main entry.

A section drawing highlights the sustainable materials.

Translucent polycarbonate walls around the pantry let natural light into the enclosed space and produce playful shadows that add interest in the open kitchen/dining area.

Maple veneer apple plywood wraps around an open pantry and structural ceiling beam then continues as a slender cabinet that turns into a built-in bench running the length of the dining area.

The client wanted the dining/working area to be full of light as it is her primary working area. She also requested that it overlook an old detached garage turned garden shed that is now topped with a vegetated roof.

Just like the kitchen countertops, the stair treads are topped in a meterial made from recycled paper, but in a darker hue.

The ommitance of risers allows light to flow throughout the 1,330-square foot primary residence.

An open library on the second floor landing overlooks the expansive backyard gardens.

The master bath continues the pale palette selected to reflect as much sunlight around the hosue as possible.

The same re-puprosed car decking used on the exterior also encloses the powder room.

The same translucent polycarbonate from the pantry lines the inside powder room walls so light can filter between the dark wood slats, but sound and water stay inside.

The one-bedroom, 795 square-foot accessory dwelling unit (ADU) at the lower grade has open living with direct connection to a patio and the yard.

The piece that pushes out for the ADU bedroom also frames a patio for that unit’s living room. That patio is adjacent to the deck above, which is an opportunity for that to be shared space describes architect Bradley Khouri."THere's nNo stair from that deck," he adds, " because we the homeowner to have to go back inside to get to the yard."

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