Façade Fix

Bye Bye 2005 Freshen up your design by rethinking the garage, roof, entry, and side elevations, says designer Marianne Cusato.

Step 1: Minimize the Auto Focus Pushing the garage back alleviates "snout house" syndrome and allows the larger two-story mass to become the main focal point from the street.

Step 2: Lessen Peaks and Valleys Simpler roof massing looks cleaner and reduces the potential for leaks. As a rule of thumb, the ridge should be one-third the width of the house minimum. Limit the number of gables facing the street to three or fewer.

Step 3: Lower the Entry Bravado Even LeBron James would feel puny under the original home??s two-story portico. Limit the entry to one story and bring it down to human scale. The minimum depth for a portico should be 5 feet. For a porch, it's 8 feet.

Step 4: Avoid Blank Sides Four-sided architecture makes a house feel proportional and balanced. For continuity, side windows and details should match the specifications on the front of the home.

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