Energy Star Certified Homes

BEAZER HOMES. The Hayden Lakes community in Cypress, Texas offers Energy Star Certified homes ranging from 2,067 to 4,945 square feet. The homes feature open-cell spray foam insulation that reduces air leakage, allows for smaller-sized HVAC units, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

BEAZER HOMES. Other sustainable features at Hayden Lakes include low-E windows, media filters to reduce dust, programmable thermostats, and low-VOC paints and carpets to reduce harmful emissions.

BRIGHTON HOMES. The Brownstone mode in Boise, Idaho’s Mill District Square encompasses many sustainable construction practices, Homes are designed for efficient HVAC layouts with adequate space for ductwork and centralized distribution. Air sealing is carefully inspected by superintendents to ensure complete coverage of all gaps and penetrations.

BRIGHTON HOMES. The company’s construction operations coordinator runs the Brighton University program four times a year to educate superintendents and staff on best practices, including Energy Star guidelines.

KB HOME. Homes in the company’s Bartram Creek development in Jacksonville, Fla., are energy efficient thanks to blown-in attic insulation, radiant barrier roofing, insulated garage doors, and low-E windows.

KB HOME. The company’s residences in Bartram Creek come with energy-efficient lighting, Energy Star appliances, programmable thermostats, and smart USB outlets that optimize the charging time of electronic devices.

PROVIDENCE HOMES. This company has built more than 700 Energy Star Certified homes in its Jacksonville, Fla., market.

PROVIDENCE HOMES. Boasting a HERS score of 52, the firm's 4,198-square-foot Monroe model offers its owners a low electric bill of less than $140 a month.

IVEY HOMES. The company’s iveyWise program offers energy-efficient homes standard in its Georgia market. Features include radiant barrier roof sheathing, advanced framing, extensive air sealing, and a third-party guarantee for heating and cooling energy usage.

IVEY HOMES. Rigorous air sealing controls moisture, prevents dirt and pollen from leaking inside the home, and increases indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

VIP HOMES. Energy-efficient features include low-E dual-pane windows, insulated ductwork, and cathedralized attic insulation.

VIP HOMES. The Mesa, Ariz.-based company’s dwellings feature 2 x 6 walls with blown cellulose insulation.   

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