Energy Monitoring, the Wave of the Future

The PowerCost Monitor allows home buyers to save up to $250 a year on their electric bills. Easy to use and install, the product shows exactly where energy is being consumed in either kilowatts or dollars per hour. A predictive feature provides the user with an estimate of the 30-day energy consumption totals. Blue Line Innovations. 866-607-2583.

The Smart Energy Manager allows home buyers to monitor and assess energy usage and analyze historical usage to reveal trends. Users may disconnect loads based on these trends and program HVAC temperature settings based on preferences. The 5-inch touchscreen supports three wireless protocols. Eaton Corp. 877-386-2273.

TED 5000-C is a simple and accurate home energy monitor that allows homeowners to see electricity usage in real time. The system has a sensitivity of 1 watt so it’s very accurate, and it’s easy to install and use. It comes with all the components necessary to monitor total energy usage. Energy Inc. 800-959-5833.

Part of the Brillion suite of home energy solutions, the energy display provides a continuous audit of household energy consumption in kilowatt hours and in estimated dollars spent. The device communicates with a utility’s smart meter on the house to provide consumers with continuous energy information. GE Appliances & Lighting. 800-626-2005.

Part of the company’s Energy Management Solution, this touchscreen energy dashboard quantifies specific energy usage and enables custom strategies to produce direct savings. It can be programmed with local power costs, so homeowners can instantly view the exact amount of money they are saving. Vantage. 800-555-9891.

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