Design Details: Stairs

Rising in a geometric design that looks as though it was borrowed from M.C. Escher, this Modernist staircase combines austere concrete with warm wood. Built by Art Tec Development, the staircase’s use of concrete contributed not only to a chic Modernist aesthetic, but also helped the builder comply with the Miami-Dade hurricane building code.

Punched-out metal panels add a unique touch to the stair and loft elements of this transit-oriented community in Berkeley, Calif. Designed by Christiani Johnson Architects, the project is anchored by a rehabbed Spanish colonial train station, a style theme lightly echoed by the repeating leaf motif in the stair panels.

This airy steel and wood staircase allowed architects at Studio Agoos Lovera to maintain the 1953 home’s open plan while adding an updated aesthetic. Both in the staircase and throughout the home, warm woods and other organic materials were incorporated to balance out the home’s rectilinear character.

As part of the home’s maritime theme, this custom curved library stair evokes a lighthouse’s climb and leads to a retreat with 360 degree views of a nearby lake and mountains.

This beautiful staircase is homegrown in every good way. Using regionally harvested lumber, the teams at Carlton Architecture DesignBuild and Cardinal Building Systems employed local artisans to lend their skill to the architectural woodwork seen here and throughout the home.

Adding a new twist to a historic row house in Washington, D.C.’s Georgetown neighborhood, this beautiful floating stair consists of a center steel stringer fitted with custom walnut treads. Designed by Barnes Vanze Architects, the staircase is as practical as it is beautiful, with a gentle rise-to-run ratio that is easy on elderly climbers. Plaster was stripped from the adjacent wall to reveal raw brick, which when combined with the slick stair elements dramatizes the contrast between old and new.

Historic detailing on the staircase of this Washington, D.C., home turns a functional element into a visual focal point.

In this Martha’s Vineyard vacation home, views are of the essence. Even the staircase, designed by Hutker Architects, lent to the cause with a breezy frame and transparent treads that don’t obstruct the scenery. However, in its effort to preserve sightlines, this glassy installment’s sleek design becomes a vista in its own right.

Rather than write off under-stair space as a dead zone—or an awkwardly shaped closet—the team at ICON architecture thoughtfully appointed this sleek, modern staircase that leaves room for a work nook underneath.

This masterful staircase, designed by Lawrence Architecture, was formed by casting rods directly into the home’s main concrete wall, then fitting them with steel tubes for the treads.

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