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This open kitchen answers a fundamental question: How do you elegantly integrate the kitchen into the living space and hide the kitchen chaos?

The cooktop, at right, faces the dining area, but it's concealed by a freestanding wall. The wall, faced in blue steel, is both hard-working and handsome and become sa sculptural element.

The fridge, just around the corner from the work area, lightens up the cook's space and integrates a service area into the entertaining space.

Architect Neal Schwartz admits that he sometimes has trouble convincing clients to go for the less-than conventional move of setting of the fridge around the corner. Adequate landing space right next to the refrigerator helps it all make sense.

The kitchen is adjacent to the pool and to the parking area, so keeping an eye on the kids and getting groceries into the house is no big deal.

The kitchen and living space look out onto the back deck and the surrounding landscape.

Crook|Cup|Bow|Twist plan.

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