Could These Prototype Appliances Come to a Showroom Near You?

The Snail is a portable heating and cooking device based on magnetic induction processes. It can be stuck to a pot, pan, or mug to heat the contents. Powered by a high-density sugar crystal battery, the Snail converts the energy from the sugar, heating up a coil to conduct the magnetic induction process to the utensil.

Elements Modular Kitchen is an all-in-one wall-mounted appliance that provides flexible modes of cooking, refrigeration, air conditioning, lighting, and environmental design while reducing space. The appliance draws power wirelessly through technology applied to the wall, which is supplemented through solar energy as required.

Fixed directly on the outside wall of residential buildings, the External Refrigerator is an elaboration on a way of life in Northern China, where food is kept on balconies in the winter to save space and energy.

The Dismount Washer combines the cleaning vessel and laundry basket in one. The dirty laundry capsule is placed on a wall mountable motor (or energy stick) that dispenses steam to aid the cleansing process.

As its name suggests, the Clean Closet is an all-in-one closet that cleans clothing. Textiles are scanned for impurities and cleaned accordingly with molecular technology that removes dirt and odors.

The Eco Cleaner is a portable dishwasher/composter that uses ultrasonic waves to ionize food and turn it into reusable waste.

The Kitchen Hideaway is a virtual reality concept that allows the inhabitants of a communal building to imagine being in a kitchen. The thoughts of the user are then transmitted to robotic chefs within the building, who then prepare the meal in a real kitchen.

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