Cool Products Come Out to Play at AIA Convention

3form The company that made resin cool has done it again. 3-form has now introduced V3, a design-integrated photovoltaic that allows the company’s resin panels to provide solar power. Applications containing V3 can be curved and will come available in many of the 3form XT standard color offerings, the company says. V3 technology will be available at the end of 2010.

Accsys Technologies The manufacturer uses a process known as acetylation, which alters wood’s reaction with water by permanently replacing free hydroxyls within the wood with naturally occurring stable acetyl groups. This may not mean anything to you, but it results in lumber that is highly durable, dimensionally stable, and low maintenance.

CertainTeed Gypsum Later this year, CertainTeed Gypsum will offer a wallboard that features its patent-pending AirRenew technology, a product that will help create a healthy indoor environment by permanently reducing volatile organic compounds circulating indoors. It will capture formaldehyde and other aldehydes by converting them into inert compounds that safely remain within the board.

Duo-Gard The manufacturer’s decorative panels now come in a variety of new designs, including the Sunset Collection (shown). Made from 100 recyclable content, the panels come in 4-foot-by8-foot sheets in two thicknesses—1/8 and ¼ inch—and can be used for a variety of architectural applications including cabinet doors and walls.

Formica Corp. The inventor of laminate countertops will soon take a walk outside with its new VIVIX exterior architectural panels. Launching October 2010 VIVIX is a rigid panel that is designed for vertical application with a metal rainscreen attachment system. Panels will be available in a variety of designs, including wood grain patterns, and will have integrated, decorative surfaces on both sides.

Kolbe Windows and Doors Having conquered the flooring world and now moving on to cabinets and even doors, bamboo now seems intent on the window category. Kolbe recently announced this prototype window that would incorporate Lamboo’s structural engineered bamboo on the interior of the window. The product is still in development but would offer at the benefits of bamboo—warp resistance, durability, and good looks.

Simpson Doors The problem with wood doors is obvious—warping, buckling—but the company’s Nantucket Collection aims to fix that. The doors combine hardy weather-resistant black locust or Nootka cypress and a modified mortise-and-tenon construction technique that includes a floating mortise-and-tenon with face-driven pins to eliminate stile and rail separation. It has a Design pressure ratings of 50.

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