climate shift

Aerosolized Duct Sealant Developed by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, vinyl acetate adhesive particles are forced into pressurized ducts, adhering to the interior of the duct surfaces to reduce air leakage by up to 90 percent.

Radiant Systems The volumetric heat capacity of water is 400 times that of air, so look for radiant heating systems to stake a claim as systems are refined and scaled for single-family housing.

Ductless Mini-Splits Tethered only by single supply lines to a small outdoor compressor, multiple ceiling or wall-mounted units independently serve entire rooms or open areas with heating and cooling capacity and individual control.

Solar Power Lennox offers a high-SEER heat pump powered by a dedicated solar array, a scheme that qualifies for federal energy tax credits through 2016; surplus solar electricity also can serve the home and further offset the grid. Meanwhile, solar thermal for domestic hot water also can be used in a radiant floor or baseboard space heating capacity or as thermal energy to boost a heat pump in cold climates.

Phase-Change Materials Bio-based products embedded in gypsum wallboard, insulation, glass, ceiling tiles, and other building materials release energy as they freeze and thaw to help regulate indoor and thermal energy temperatures and reduce a building’s energy load. They also can be used in thermal energy storage.

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