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Flat Top  Integrated into recessed module ceilings, the Axenia new super-efficient LED light panel is ideal for general lighting. The unit measures a thin 9.5 millimeters and weighs just under 9 pounds. It generates bright, homogenous illumination and is available with outputs from 2,250 to 4,450 lumens.  Zenaro Lighting. 561-424-2444.   

York Town  The company has added 14.5 SEER heat pumps and air conditioners to its York LX and Latitude series. Featuring the same footprint as the 2-ton models, the 1.5-ton versions use eco-friendly refrigerant and aluminum coils and fins for corrosion protection. York/Johnson Controls. 877-453-9675.   

Water Miser  The 1G is a 1-gallon-per-flush toilet that uses the company’s Double Cyclone system. The gravity-fed product features two nozzles that use water more efficiently and SanaGloss nano-technology glazing that helps keep the bowl clean. It measures an ADA-compliant 17 inches high so it’s easier to use. TOTO USA. 888-295-8134.   

Under Control  Available in 13- and 19-inch versions, Unilume is an energy-efficient LED under-cabinet system that produces even, glare-free lighting. It uses 30 LEDs per foot and has an element that illuminates as a single bar of light. It consumes between 8.5 and 10.5 watts. Tech Lighting. 847-410-4400.   

Wall Flower  Ideal for temperate climates, the WhisperSupply-Wall fan takes air from the outside and filters it to supply clean air to the home. The wall-mounted unit is equipped with an interior deflector to avoid unwelcome drafts. It operates at a noise level of 0.3 sones. Panasonic Home & Environment Co. 866-292-7292.   

No Tanks  Designed for smaller homes and multifamily units, the NRC83 wall-mount tankless water heater offers an energy factor of 0.92 for natural gas and 0.94 with liquid propane, about 30 points higher than a standard tank-type unit. It offers flow rates from 0.5 gallons per minute to 8.3. Noritz America Corp. 866-766-7489.   

Fine Wine  Part of the manufacturer’s Vintner’s Collection, the Chardonnay vanity is made from reclaimed oak staves used during the wine fermenting process. The 36-inch-wide unit features four full-extension, soft-close drawers, a removable front panel for plumbing access, and hidden storage. Native Trails. 800-786-0862.   

Dim Some  This line of universal dimmers is engineered to provide optimal control of current and emerging bulb technology without sacrificing performance. Available in two styles, the dimmers feature an on/off preset and address performance issues such as flickering and reduced dimming range. Leviton Manufacturing. 800-323-8920.   

Screen Saver  A partnership between Knight Wall Systems and Dow Building Solutions, the Dow-Knight Continuous Insulation Rain Screen System is a thermal performance product that allows for cladding attachment over insulation thicknesses up to 3 inches. Its all-in-one design reduces labor and material costs, saving time and money. Knight Wall Systems. 855-597-9255.   

High Performance  The Premmier passive house–certified window offers an R-value of 9.3. It features triple-glazing, a multi-lock system, and warm edge spacers that reduce condensation. The aluminum-clad unit comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and interior wood species. Intus Windows. 888-380-9940.   

Royal Flush  Satis is an eco-friendly toilet for small spaces. Features include a fully automatic flush, lighting, music, slow-close and heated seat, deodorizer, and warm air dryer. The unit flushes with 1.32 gallons of water or 0.92 gallons, and measures 25 inches deep from front-to-rear with an integrated tankless design. INAX U.S.A. 877-700-4629.   

Thermal Layer  The Vacuum Insulation Panel has the potential to significantly increase thermal resistance in limited spaces, its manufacturer says. Offering five to 10 times better thermal resistance than conventional insulation materials, the panel allows for slim wall construction with high R-value performance. Dow Corning. 989-496-4400.   

Control Valve  StyleTherm might be the first thermostatic valve that complies with California’s new water conservation requirements. In addition to volume control, anti-scald protection, and exact temperature setting, the unit uses a two-outlet diverter valve allowing users to toggle between shower applications. California Faucets. 800-822-8855.   

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