BuildingGreen's Top Products for Green Homes

Bensonwood. Using eco-friendly materials, the OBPlus wall system is framed with 9 ½-inch-deep I-studs filled with R-35 dense-pack cellulose insulation, and then clad with exterior moisture-resistant OSB sheathing with taped joints. Advanced gasket technology is used for air sealing, a drainage plane is installed on the exterior, and interior baseboard raceways eliminate wall penetrations for wiring. Also offered is a Passive House option, achieving up to R-60 walls and comparable roof systems, according to the company. 877.203.3562.

Electec. EZ-Wiring is a cost-effective plug-and-play modular wiring system that contains no halogens, which are commonly used in cable sheathing, and no heavy metals. The EZ-Wiring D-Series is a four-wire system for lighting applications, designed for reuse and reconfiguration using foolproof, uniquely keyed connections. This makes retrofits simpler and prevents buildup of abandoned cabling behind the gypsum, says the company. 613.836.0300.

Niagara Conservation. The Stealth ultra-high-efficiency toilet uses vacuum-assist technology to achieve 0.8 gpf with very little noise, says the company. After flushing, an air bubble is formed in the trapway as the tank refills and creates a vacuum when the air at the top of the sealed tank within a tank is forced into the trapway below the toilet bowl during the next flush. The Stealth toilet, which the firm says is quieter than many standard gravity-flush toilets, is available in white. The two-piece vitreous china unit comes with a 10-year warranty on parts with an ADA-compliant elongated bowl or a round-front bowl. 973.829.0800.

Wilo. The Stratos Eco pump uses an integral variable-frequency drive and electronically commutated motor to reduce circulation energy by over 70% compared with standard pumps, according to the manufacturer. The pump analyzes its rotational speed and current draw and optimizes its speed accordingly. Used for hydronic heating, air conditioning, solar water heating, and ground-source heating, the pumps solve the problem of appliance oversizing, a primary energy waster, because they adapt to changing water demands, saving water. Additional features include a soft-start, high-torque design, built-in data logging, overload protection, and a remote control and monitoring module. A wide range of pump sizes are available. 866.945.6872.

Nyloboard. NyloDeck, made from recycled carpet fiber and a water-blown VOC-free polyurethane binder, is a composite decking impervious to moisture, termites, mold, and mildew, says the manufacturer. The 5-½-inch-wide planks are available in two thicknesses: 7/8 inch, which is suitable for spanning 16-inch on-center joists, and 1-1/8 inch, which can span up to 24-inch on-center joists. The decking has a three-dimensional, embossed wood-grain surface, and is available in three uniform colors: caramel, American gray, and cocoa. The decking must be spaced to allow for thermal expansion and contraction. 770.385.6168.

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